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On-Demand Printing & Binding Form


If you are interested in printing and binding a manuscript that you have produced, you have found the best place to have your work transformed into a beautifully printed and bound hardcover book. If you would take a few minutes to fill in the following order form, you will be asked to direct us on the printing, cover manufacture and shipping of your order.

As you continue, this page will only accept a single .PDF file, ready to print, from you.

Your order will be securely processed through PayPal using your Visa/MasterCard information. In as little as two weeks your order will arrive at your door via UPS. Orders will be charged at $65.50 per book, plus sales tax where applicable. All hardbound copies will be bound in accordance with the ANSI/NISO Library Binding Standard.

*=Required Field
Printing Details:
* # of Books Needed:  ? # of Books:
The quantity of books you would like to have printed and bound.
*3+ contact Houchen for Quote.
* # of Pages/Book:  ? # of Pages/Book:
The total number of pages per book.
* # of B/W Pages:  ? # of Pages/Book:
Your # of B/W Pages and # of Color Pages must add up to your # of Pages/Book
* # of Color Pages:  ? # of Color Pages:
Limit of 200.
* Stamping Color:
* Cover Color:
* Page Size: (inches)
* Page Orientation:
* Two Sided Pages:  ? Two Sided Pages :
Do you want your manuscript duplex printed (printed on both sides of the paper)? Please double check your page #'s location when printing duplex.

Stamping for Spine of Book:
Type in the text as you
want it on the spine of the book.
 ? Stamping for Spine of Book:
If the Text is too long for the spine, the title may get shortend to fit.
Stamping for Front of Book:
Type in the text as you
want it on the front of the book.
 ? Stamping for Front of Book:
Text will be centered, and spaced acordingly.
Special Instructions:  ? Special Instructions :
Special instructions you would like us to follow.

Your Current Total:   $  ? Current Total:
This total does not include Sales Tax (applicable in a few states) or $50 shipping cost for international orders.

Billing Details:
* Full Name:
* Street Address
* City:
* St./Prov./Terr.:
* Zip/Postal Code:
* Country:
* Phone:
* E-Mail:
* Credit Card:
* Credit Card Number:
* Expiration Date: /
* Security Code (CVV):  ? This number can be found on the back of your credit card. It should be a 3 or 4 digit number.
Ship to different address? No Yes



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